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Here you will find a range of Custom Knives and Green woodworking tools suitable for use in the great outdoors.

Tools based around some classic designs from across the world tried and tested and now refined by
Dorset Woodland Blades into modern Bushcrafting tools.
All our blades are also available at various stages of finish from a simple blank to a finished knife, so you can choose to become involved in creating your personal outdoor cutting Tools.

For the serious hobby maker or even professional maker Dorset Woodland Blades can offer help and support with design and supply of blanks to your designs well as help producing the knives if you need some extra capacity.

Knives UK 2012knives uk 2012This site is not finished by far, so please check back as i put up more Bushcraft cutting tools.
I hope to get a HOW TO section with tips and demos on Knife making and handling from basic hand tools to big boys grinders .
Also more use of Video.


I would like to put up a gallery of Blades that you have handled etc so if you have one email me a picture (large size I will crop and resize etc) with a description of the materials and your name or forum name and which forum.


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