DJP- Dorset Jon-Paul

A DWB design giving massive strength with power and control but still capable of fine work.
An experiment in profile and cutting geometry JP Lamoureux bought and liked the prototype so it now bears his name.

The DJP is one of 3 DWB Knives that Woodlife use for Bushcrafting called Woodlife Tracker range
the other 2 being a XL DNK and a DSK neck knife.

Has a modified extra fwd Thumb ramp profile handle of the DWC, DPK & DSP range of Bushcraft Knives.

Available in Large


Examples of the DJP Bushcraft Knife

Specifications and Options

6mm O1 Tool Steel
Flandi Grind 25°mini scandi secondary
Extra Fwd Thumb Ramp

Blade only available Level 2 (ground) finish

Drawings, Sizes and Videos

dnkxl dims DJP Dimenson Drawing