DNK- Dorset NessmuK

My version of George W Sears fixed knife from the Nessmuk Trio of cutting tools
Has the same handle profile as the DWC, DPK & DSP range of Bushcraft Knives.

Available in 4 sizes... XL Camp, Large , Medium (7/8 scale) and Small (3/4 scale)

Examples of the DNK Bushcraft Knife

DNK Antler handleDNK Antler Alt HoldDNK Antler ChoppingDNK XL lrg medDNK lrg MicartaDNK 5.2mm and 3.5mm TangDNK XL G10 BurrDNK XL multi cam kydexDNK XL DrawDNK Blades

DNK XL comp

Specifications and Options

Lrg med & sml 3.5mm O1 Tool steel
XL 3.5mm O1 Tool Steel
XL 5.2mm 52100 bearing steel

Lrg, med, sml. Scandi 25° std, Flandi and full flat optional
XL. Flandi Ground mini scandi 30° std, Scandi and Full flat optional

Blade only available in Level 1 (rolled) and Level 2 (ground) finish
Pin and Liner Kits available

Drawings, Sizes

DNK Lrg Med Sml Dims DNK XL DJP DSK Dims Tang Dims