DPK- Dorset PuKko

My version of the scandinavian pukko the small blade used as a GP knife usually paired with the larger Leuku
which is a larger thin blade used as a Camp knife for small chopping tasks etc Large chopping is generally done with an Axe
Has the same handle profile as the DWC, DNK & DSP range of bushcraft knives.

Available in 3 sizes. Large , Medium (7/8 scale) and Small (3/4 scale)


Examples of the DPK Bushcraft Knife

DNK Pukko large Micarta DPK Large Yew

D pukko Small D Pukko large Zebrano


Lrg & Med 3.2-3.8mm, Sml 2.5mm O1 tool steel (depending on avalibility)

Scandi 25° grind Full flat optional

Blades avalible in Level 1 (rolled) or level 2 (ground) Finish
Pin and Liner kits avalible

Drawings, Sizes

DPK Dims Tang Dims