DSK- Dorset Survival Knife
"The Wisdom Edge"

This blade is one that Chris " Smarty" at Wisdom Survival asked me to look at producing they already had a design and some prototypes had been made else ware. Looking at the design I modified it slightly and added a series of holes as I knew it would also make a great blade for people to handle themselves. I also investigated coatings to combat the possibility of rusting in long term storage. I found Dura Coat used on Fire arms, to match the Kydex flat simple sheath the Wisdom Edge is Hi-Vis Orange. As it was to fit in a mess tin with other survival essentials it needed to be compact but not compromise on function so there is no handle fitted to the Wisdom Edge spec, it the tang is rounded and it can be wrapped in rag or para cord if needed.
I also added a scraper edge to the spine of the blade for easy use of a ferro steel without resorting to damaging the cutting edge.

Survival Wisdom have been testing the knife extensively round the world in hard military environments for over a year now.

the DSK version is one of the best selling blanks with as many finished versions as bushcrafter's and is avalible in several finishes and any grind from scandi to full flat to convex. The Tang holes give plenty of scope for Pin and tube effects.

The DSK is one of 3 DWB Knives that Woodlife use for Bushcrafting called Woodlife Tracker range
the other 2 being a XL DNK and a DJP Bushcraft knife.



THe Wisdom Edge evolution

Wisdome edge original pattern DSK Prototype Bushcraft Knife DSK Proto Bushcraft knife in tin

DSK Tango

Wisdom Edge Test B Wisdom Edge Test B Wisdome Edge Test C Wisdom Edge Test D

DSK Versions

DSK G10 Knife DSK Bushcraft blade


Specifications and Options

3.5mm O1 Tool Steel
Grind 25° Scandi

Blade only available Level 1 (rolled) or Level 2 (ground) finish

Drawings, Sizes

dnkxl dims