DSP- Dorset Sharp 'n' Pointy

My own Design Bushcraft knife this is from 6mm thick stock for strength but using a combination of a full flat and a scandi grind to give the slicing edge of a 2mm blade combined with a pointed profile make delicate detail work easy .
With a compound tapered and skeleton tang all giving strength where its needed but retaining excellent balance and poise in use.

Has the same handle profile as the DWC, DPK & DNK range Of Bushcraft Knives.

Available in 3 sizes Large , Medium (7/8 scale) and Small (3/4 scale)

Examples of the DSP Bushcraft Knife

DSP CF Taper Tang dsp carbon bottom
DSP CF necker DSP lrg smll Taper tang
DSP Lrg Cross Batton DSP Lrg Splitting DSP Lrg Netting needle

Specifications and Options

Lrg 6mm, med 5.3mm Sml 4.75mm O1 Tool Steel

Flandi Grind 25° secondary Mini scandi.

Blade only is available in Level 2 (ground) Finish . (please note if you haven't put a handle on a taper tang before yourself the large taper tang can cause issued when drilling straight pin holes and for clamping. Free advice and help is available just ask)

Pin and Liner Kits available

Drawings, Sizes and Information

DSP Dims Tang Dims