DWC- Dorset Woodlore Clone

My own version of the Ray Mears Bushcraft Knife. Has a slightly higher grind and a fraction thinner stock
Has the same handle profile as the DSP, DPK & DNK range of buschraft Knives.

Available in 3 sizes Large , Medium (7/8 scale) and Small (3/4 scale) the Large is also available as a stick tang


Examples of the DWC Bushcraft Knife

dwcoaktrio dwchornzeb

dwcmicarta dwcwalnut

DWC blades

Specifications and Options

Lrg, Med 3.3-3.8mm Sml 2.5mm O1 Tool Steel as std

Scandi Grind 25°. as std
Thumb Ramp ( can be removed on request)
Stick Tang version available

Blade only available in Level 1 (rolled) & Level 2 (ground) finish
Pin and Liner Kits available


Drawings, Sizes and Information

dwcdwg dwcstkdwg Tang Dims